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Managing Main Water Treatment Challenges

Water quality monitoring

Ensure continuous monitoring of water parameters like pH, turbidity, and contaminants in reservoirs, treatment plants, and distribution systems with IoT-backed real-time data.

Aging infrastructure

Address the challenges posed by aging infrastructure in the water treatment industry by integrating water quality IoT solutions. These innovative technologies enable the timely detection of leaks, wear, and tear.

Environmental monitoring

Avoid the environmental impact of water treatment processes with tailored IoT solutions. Track and analyze water quality, energy consumption, and waste production to reduce environmental footprint.

Wastewater management

Efficiently monitor, treat, and repurpose wastewater by integrating smart IoT solutions into your management. You can precisely remove contaminants, reduce water wastage, and optimize treatment processes.

Global water scarcity

Wisely use and distribute available water resources to tackle global water scarcity using advanced IoT solutions. Water treatment professionals can improve water quality, detect leaks, and ensure the efficient use of water in treatment plants.

Ensure a smart irrigation system using IoT with our advanced water meter

Helping Water Treatment Professionals to Transform Challenges Into Solutions With IoT-Based Irrigation Systems

Our water meter helps in precise tracking and efficient use of every drop. By using IoT in water meters, professionals can identify leaks or unusual spikes in usage, which can prevent wastage and unnecessary expenses.

IoT-Enabled Control Integration

AI-Powered Water Treatment

Hassle-Free Installation

Remote Water Treatment Management

Data-Driven Water Quality Insights

IoT Innovations in Water Treatment

IoT in the water treatment industry has provided multiple new solutions and applications that can improve the efficiency and results of water treatment facilities. Some top applications are:

Leak detection and infrastructure monitoring

Deploying sensors synced with powerful IoT controllers throughout the treatment plants and distribution networks can help provide real-time data on flow rates and pressure. The data can improve infrastructure monitoring and help detect leaks for better uptime of the water treatment processes.

Optimized water treatment processes

Integrating an IoT-based home automation system can significantly enhance how water is treated and managed. IoT-backed systems can regulate the dosage of disinfectants and coagulants based on real-time water quality data. It helps in precise treatment while minimizing chemical usage.





Smart irrigation and water conservation

Implementing a smart irrigation system using IoT can help water treatment companies step towards systematic water usage and conservation. IoT-enabled sensors and controllers can optimize irrigation schedules based on real-time data and measure parameters such as soil moisture, weather conditions, and plant health.

Remote monitoring and control

IoT solutions allow water treatment facilities to remotely monitor various parameters, from water input quality to treatment stages. You can adjust different settings such as filtration cycles, chemical dosages, and pump speeds or address minor issues like pressure imbalances and minor leaks remotely.

Improve water management with IoT-based smart irrigation system solutions


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Cleaner Water


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Hungary`s first field monitoring laboratory relies on libium`s iot technology

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