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About Us

We are an electronic hardware design and development company providing a broad spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) based technology services.

We provide OEMs with the right tools and resources, enabling you to market your product faster.

We cover all aspects of the IoT ecosystem, thanks to our proprietary IoT framework and years of experience in electronic hardware, cloud and mobile application development.


We believe in the quality of our services. Our talented team of highly skilled professionals puts in their best to provide you with the best IoT solutions.

Design Consultation Services

Top-notch design consultations for the hardware, firmware and protocol stack under EMC compliance.

Product Development Services

High-intensity circuit boards and device drivers development. System designs based on Windows, Linux and Android.

Mass production and white labelling services

Mass production of hardware components and white labelling services of custom made features.

Manufacturability Testing Services

Manufacturability testing, especially for large-scale industrial operations.

After-sales support services

Customer assistance services and product training, even after sales of the product.

Web/Mobile application and support

Development of web and mobile applications and providing support for the same.

Product prototyping/proof of concept development services

Early samples and prototypes for requirements. Developing the proof of concept to ensure that the concept has practical potential.