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How TerraConnect excelled in its journey to become the pioneer in IoT solutions? 

Though our journey during the last year as the top IoT development company was filled with exciting challenges, we succeeded in gifting our clients a progressive transformation in their business through efficient and accurate IoT solutions.

Being the leader in IoT services, TerraConnect  has kept its motto for striving towards excellence. We, as a dedicated IoT solutions partner, offer the following solutions: 

  • IoT hardware and devices 
  • Data solutions 
  • IoT consulting and strategy 
  • IoT software 
  • IoT design 

While helping you connect to the world of IoT, we ensured that our mission of integrating technology seamlessly into everyday lives for a connected and comfortable tomorrow is gratified. From the very beginning, our efforts to build robust partnerships for fruitful collaborations and our endeavour to find the best IoT developers are seen through our successful project deployments. Last year, we repeated our success story by taking significant steps towards the industry of irrigation and water management. Here, we invite you to peep into our remarkable achievement that helped us become the most trusted IoT solutions partner.  

How did We Become Pioneers in IoT Solutions? 

TerraConnect is an end-to-end IoT solutions partner, who has proven excellence in providing industrial solutions, data services and hardware development. By connecting your physical devices with software applications, we help generate data analytics for proficient functioning of your industry. We have successfully launched the following IoT products to automate business across industries. 

  • Terra-R (Remote Terminal Unit) 
  • Terra-i (Irrigation controller) 
  • Terra-E (Extension unit to Terra-X, a water management application) 
  • Terra-S (Electro-chemical water treatment) 
  • Terra-M (Automatic chemical dosing stations) 

With our fully equipped IoT lab, we have also developed efficient IoT hardware devices. After rigorous testing procedures and certifications, our IoT hardware devices now serve the following industries: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Food and beverage 
  • Transportation and infrastructure 
  • Water treatment 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Renewable energy 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Construction 
  • Chemical and Petrochemical 

TerraX: TerraConnect’s Crowning Achievement

TerraX is a programmable microprocessor with custom firmware and open-source software templates for managing device control, valve operations, and sensor integration, thus managing diverse utility processes within a single integrated system. The highly sensitive nature of its sensors helps in collecting data from even remote IoT nodes. With the help of mobile applications, it engages in continuous monitoring of the devices. The customizable feature of TerraX widens its scope across multiple industries. The available model of TerraX includes 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, helping with the smooth integration of the existing networks. Therefore, it becomes a perfect and tailor-made solution for energy management and loss prevention.  

The 4G: Integrated SIM7600E module in TerraX helps in enhanced connectivity. Besides, the wired ethernet option helps in reliable data transmission. Its sensor capabilities range from detection of up to seven analog sensors. The Two RS485 Modbus terminals in its hardware help in smooth communication purposes. It is operated using Balena Operating System and is backed by Python based data processing system.  

One of the applications of Terra X is being an end-to-end IoT solution for water treatment. It created a revolution in water treatment technology with its application of the latest and safer technologies for water purification. By applying the technology of connected devices using IoT, TerraConnect successfully implemented a complete water management system. Here is the complete methodology of how the devices are connected. The raw water from the source is pumped to the primary treatment tank for initial treatment. Using a dosing pump, Aluminium Sulphate is injected into the water, resulting in the separation of solids from the water. After this sedimentation, the water is mixed homogenously so that the flocs are distributed throughout the water. This is followed by a thorough filtration process. Through the specifically designed filters, impurities such as sand, silt, dust particles and even chemical cloudiness are removed. Next, when the water enters the electrochemical chamber for treatment, a UV lamp is activated for destroying germs and bacteria. The final product of pure water is collected for distribution. The whole process in monitored used the application supported by TerraX. 

Other applications of TerraX include: 

  • Agricultural irrigation 
  • Commercial building automation 
  • Residential water conservation 

Terraconnect’s SmartGarden Controller for Innovative and Landscape Management 

For efficient utilization of water resources, it was necessary for our client to implement SmartGarden Controller. It ensured optimum utilization of the resource through IoT-enhanced irrigation techniques and helped our European client take an environmentally friendly approach towards farming. Our client approached us with the challenge of poor greenery due to under or over irrigation. Lack of proper distribution of water along the landscape resulted in damaging of the greenery.  

Our SmartGarden Controller with the capability to expand to 72 zones, managed water composition of the soil to optimum level, based on the requirements of the landscape. The small residential gardens to big commercial agricultural plots benefitted using our customizable and comprehensive water parameter monitor. It also helped in efficient monitoring of data remotely and integrating the data for analytics.  

Our IoT-based farming solutions have also focused on precision agriculture. By ensuring that every drop reaches the desired destination, our system provides live updates for informed decisions. Using IoT sensors, real time information on soil moisture, nutrients and temperature could be recorded. Besides, the unique weather forecasting capacity of the IoT sensors help farmers make the right decisions. Our sensors also track equipment, raising alarms for timely repairs and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Smart Greenhouse is another IoT application used to optmize growing conditions for plants in odd climatic conditions. The automated systems guided by sensors regulate irrigation according to necessity.  

All our green IoT solutions are cost-effective. Besides providing IoT solutions at the best market rate, we help reduce loss by providing right weather predictions, optimizing use of resources for minimizing resource wastage and maximizing yields by assessing right parameters.  

Progressing to the Next Step of Success 

By providing the best IoT solutions to the clients, TerraConnect continues its journey towards higher goals. We are developing the latest model of TerraX with Bluetooth, and LoRA connectivity, making it versatile and adaptable to various environments. Our strategic plans to expand IoT applications to the following areas are already in place: 

  • Aquaculture 
  • Landscape and Horticulture 
  • Golf courses and sports fields 
  • Industrial automation 
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Urban Water Management 
  • Sustainable Living Solutions 
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Industry 
  • Hydroponics and Aeroponics 
  • Remote Sensing and Telemetry 
  • Research and Development 
  • Wastewater Management 

So, if you are looking to collaborate with the top IoT solution partner, our legacy and dedication in the past years proves why you should choose us. Connect with TerraConnect for a smooth IoT-enhanced journey towards meeting your business goals.