Chaithanya . Friday, 10 May 2024

How can IoT help in Wastewater Treatment? 

According to a study conducted by The New York Times, out of the 32 billion gallons of wastewater discharged every day, 12 billion gallons is discharged into oceans and estuaries without recycling.

UNICEF data shows that about 4000 people die of diseases related to usage of untreated water, of which more than 1000 are kids under the age of five. Water, being the inevitable resource for living, deserves better management for reuse. With the help of technology, this natural and precious resource can be treated for the better. Application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for water management can help in many ways, from detecting leakages to monitoring parameters for confirming purity. Therefore, it is necessary to partner with the best IoT solutions partner to obtain the most suitable IoT-enabled water treatment solutions. TerraConnect, being one of the top IoT solutions partners, has proven experience in satisfying clients by introducing effective IoT-supported water treatment techniques. Below are some methods that TerraConnect adopted with its IoT-enabled infrastructure for wastewater treatment for its enhanced usage. 

Benefits of IoT-Enabled Water Treatment 

  • Monitor water quality: 

The smart IoT sensors help in the continuous monitoring of the quality of water, thus helping in the regulation of its constituents. The real time data collection of various parameters like pH, oxygen level, temperature and turbidity help to measure the contaminants in the water system so that timely measures can be adopted at the earliest for initiating optimization process. 

  • Optimize wastewater treatment process:  

IoT sensors can help in the analysis of organic matter and microbial activity in the wastewater reservoir. The accurate detection of the quality and quantity of impurities in the water can help prescribe the right dosage of chemical treatment of water for purification and reuse. Wastewater flow through different compartments of treatment is controlled based on the data produced by the sensors. Besides, the optimizing procedure also includes controlling the slurry treatment. 

  • Diagnosis of fragility of the aging infrastructure: 

The highly sensitive sensors in the latest IoT infrastructure help in the early detection of leakages and other wear and tear in the water treatment plan, so that the efficiency of the purification process is not affected. The smart detection capability of the sensors can also monitor and detect possible malfunctioning of the machinery to alarm the client for an accelerated remedy. This predictive maintenance feature is cost-effective for the client who can root out major physical damage at the beginning stage.  

  • Green-conscious monitoring of water: 

Smart IoT solutions ensure that the treatment of wastewater using suitable chemicals and the elimination of the remnants are done in an eco-friendly way. Energy consumption for the whole treatment process is automatically customized based on the requirement, leaving almost zero impact on the environment. IoT technology is used to monitor the energy consumed at each stage of treatment so that the sensors can detect the aeration level in water based on its oxygen level, and consuming energy only based on needs. 

  • Remote monitoring of the process: 

IoT-enabled infrastructure helps the operators to keep track of the whole system using efficient remote monitoring systems. Thus, the operators are given real-time updates and alarms on any emergencies. Remote monitoring also helps in accelerating the outcome of the treatment as any issues are reported and rectified at the earliest. Therefore, remote monitoring system makes the management of wastewater systems seamlessly effortless.  

  • Help in compliance tracking: 

IoT technology helps in the collection and storage of data pertaining to wastewater parameters, treatment efficiency, operational status and compliance status. The feature of storing historical information is essential in tracking the compliance status of the system during audits and legal compliance tracking. Besides, the facility to automate data submission to regulatory agencies will ensure that the compliance management process is streamlined, reducing effort of both the operator and the regulatory body. In the other extreme, if any compliance-violation is reported, the data collected and stored using the database of the IoT technology can be used as evidence to establish legal compliance. 

Thus, IoT-enabled wastewater treatment not only enhances the quality of water for reuse, but also helps the operator to comply with legal regulations.  

Why Should You Choose TerraConnect as Your IoT-Partner in Wastewater Treatment? 

TerraConnect, as a global IoT solutions company, has proven experience in helping clients manage their water-treatment systems efficiently. Our customized IoT solutions target the core issue to help resolve it forever. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should collaborate with TerraConnect, the pioneer in IoT solutions.  

  1. Our AI powered water treatment guarantees an error-free data driven mechanism for transparent and accurate monitoring. 
  1. Our IoT-enabled controlled integration optimizes treatment process at every stage of filtering, so that any fallacy is detected at the earliest for accelerated solutions. Be it in the regulation of chemical doses for filtration, in the water flow, or even in the functioning of the machinery, our smart IoT sensors detect the slightest inaccuracy for efficient water treatment. 
  1. Our smart IoT engineers ensure a hassle-free installation of the IoT hardware for seamless integration of the technology with your machinery. 
  1. TerraConnect, the best IoT solutions provider, promises a smart remote monitoring system for you, so that you can monitor real-time data of the whole process, at your comfort from anywhere. You will receive notifications and alarms (in case of emergencies), so that suitable measures can be taken to optimize the parameters, ensuring smooth performance of the system. 
  1. Our world-class IoT solutions are completely data-driven, and therefore are always recorded for tracking compliance status. Thus, by collaborating with us, you can not only get access to expert water treatment solutions, but also get safeguarded from legal regulatory issues. 

Since a global water crisis is predicted soon, conserving water is the responsibility of everyone. If you are looking for a partner who can provide safe IoT-based wastewater treatment solutions, TerraConnect is the best choice for you. Our state-of-the-art IoT applications from our well established IoT virtual lab are customized to cater to your needs. Contact our IoT experts to experience our innovative IoT solutions.