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IoT-Enabled Pool Controller and Automated Backwash Solution: Envisioning the Pool Technology 

It was indeed a SWEET day at TerraConnect. One of our clients, a swimming pool installation company owner in the Northern USA visited us with a box full of Orea Dream Pie and New York Cheesecake. We were full- with their yummy desserts in our tummies and their wonderful feedback ringing in our ears.

Our client has a wide customer base. However, recently many of their customers were unhappy about the mundane task of backwashing the filter regularly. Backwash filtering is cleaning debris and residue stuck in the sand filter bed by reversing the flow of water from the pump to push the settled debris out of the filtration system. When the pressure at the filter exceeds 10 PSI over the running pressure or if the flow from the return jet is poor, the filter calls for a backwash. Phew! Done with the definition and ready for the process.  

Step 1: Switch the filter system off 

Step 2: Remove skimmer basket debris 

Step 3: Attach backwash hose to filter system 

Step 4: Turn multiport valve in the system to backwash stage 

Step 5: Turn the filter system on 

Step 6: Check the clarity of water coming out after a minute or so….. 

Step 7……..

Wish we had an automated backwash system to maintain a healthy pool throughout the year. This is such a dreary task.” Their customers lamented in the same tone, hinting that they would forgo the process of backwash if it were so tedious. “Wait, neglecting the backwash process for a long time invites bigger problems demanding more energy and money!”, our client had listed the consequences as below: 

  • Inefficient water circulation 
  • Increased chemical consumption for maintenance 
  • Pressure build-up in the filter 
  • Probability of removing/replacing sand bed/filter as such in future 
  • And more importantly, health risk for the customers who swim regularly 

AUTOMATION! Our client tried to pacify the customers. They didn’t want to disappoint the customers and they approached us for a trusted solution. TerraConnect, a pioneer in providing IoT water-tech solutions, decided to dive deep into the problem. 

We investigated the multiport valve sand filter system our client had focused upon. “We can do it!”, TerraConnect promised. Back to the drawing table we presented our primary analysis report to the client: 

  1. Install Terra S, our cost-efficient all-in-one pool water controller that will control the pump, dosing system and the filter for backwash instead of separate controllers for each process. You aren’t killing two, but three birds with one stone. Yes! A water disinfection system with automatic backwash facility. 
  1. Facility to monitor real time sensor data, like pH and Chlorine levels to take data driven decisions. After all parameter fluctuations can happen due to multiple reasons. A sudden increase in the swimmers can also affect the parameters. Therefore, real time monitoring is a necessity. 
  1. AI-enabled automated backwash filtration system with the help of Nuventure’s Cloud Technology. 

Terra S, the Energy Saving Controller + Automated Backwash Filtration System= Smart Solutions for Smarter Pools 

Fastforward to a few months later… 

The customers of our client are now equipped with our energy efficient controller Terra S and the automated backwash filtration system. These are the salient features of Terra S that attracted them 

  • A single controller with auxiliary relays to control the pump, dosing system and the filter backwash. Hence, an all-in-one controller for salt electrolysis, chemical dosing, pump regulation and filter backwash features. 
  • 3.5” SPI TFT LCD Resistive Touch Display for real-time monitoring of data 
  • Dual dosing system for enhanced pH maintenance 
  • 32-bit processor architecture with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability 
  • Wide spectrum of sensors for pH, ORP, TDS, temperature, and flow switch 
  • SMPS supported efficient power management 
  • Long lasting Titanium electrode to save you from intermittent maintenance issues 

Most importantly, the power management feature of Terra S saved them by optimizing energy resources and reducing energy consumption by 40%. From the beautiful pool experience, we paved the way for bucketful savings. So, what is the science behind automation of TerraConnect’s IoT-based controller, Terra S? 

It is Nuventure’s expertise in developing AI-integrated cloud technology to TerraConnect’s IoT solutions helped in generating the right solution for our client. Being quick on the uptake, Nuventure’s AI-algorithm facilitated automated, self-cleaning filtration system!  

When the contaminants in the sand bed of the filter are at a threshold, a differential pressure is developed within the filtration system. When the pressure goes beyond the preset level, AI-enabled algorithm is activated, and an alarm is raised. Preset commands are sent to close the inlet and outlet valves of the water passage, and the backwash valve opens. Simultaneously the control panel is stimulated to operate the water pumps. The reverse flow of water is channelized through the backwash valve, and the pre-deposited debris is pushed out through the drain outlet.  

Ejection of the debris automatically lowers the pressure in the filtration system to the desired level, activating our AI-algorithm to revert the system process to its initial stage. Nuventure’s sophisticated cloud platform, with its microservice infrastructure, ensured smooth customization of the technique based on our client’s requirements. The robust platform facilitated hassle free integrations and helped flawless synchronization of tasks, as programed. Our client and their customers can now be assured that there will be no more mundane backwash experience.   

Fast-forward to the present… 

Our client was on cloud nine when they visited us. Our AI-IoT solution turned out to be a cash-churning machine for them. Increased customer satisfaction led to better networking, promoting their business to higher levels. However, they came up with a new challenge for us. It was a bolt from the blue for us…. To be continued…Keep returning to our blog section. Connect with TerraConnect for advanced IoT solutions for your water-tech.