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Automated Water Treatment Solutions: Venturing Towards the Pinnacle of Water-Tech 

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One day isn’t enough to feel the awe of Netherlands. How about a cozy vacation with your family? Our client owns a scenic estate campsite in Northern Netherlands, with a beautiful swimming pond, blossoming garden, and acres of constructed wetland in the periphery: a place for everything and everything in its place. Then why did they approach us? Bad things come in three. First the winter stayed longer at Netherlands, second the chill weather didn’t attract expected guests at the vacation homes, and third the wild algal bloom in the surrounding constructed wasteland, indicated oxygen deficient water. Of course, the unpleasant view and odor mattered to the tourist place owner, who decided to find the root of the issue. Something fishy with the grey water treatment plant! With winter subsiding and expecting a gush of tourists at their camp site, the client approached us for a speedy solution- to resolve the puzzle of their grey water treatment plant. TerraConnect, a leading IoT solutions company, loves chasing time-bound challenges. With the clock ticking behind us, we had dived deep into the challenge.  

The campsite was supported by a multi-stage grey water management plant for primary treatment. The process involves pre-treatment, biological treatment, sedimentation, and disinfection before discharge into constructed wetlands for further purification. The treated water was let into the constructed wetlands for subsequent treatment, the natural way. Upon analysis of the problem, we came up with the following conclusions: 

  • Their legacy benchtop water quality analytical devices were not properly calibrated or giving different narratives on COD and BOD values. A real-time feedback system for COD and BOD was necessary. 
  • The BOD limit in the primary treated water was higher than needed, indicating high pathogenic content. This, in turn, hinted at the possibility of a weak Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). A Dissolved Oxygen-(DO) sensor to indicate BOD and COD values and to regulate AOP to the desired limit was a necessity.  
  • An early warning system was also the need of the hour to raise notification on the changing dissolved oxygen content in the primary treated water. 
  • They lacked an AI-driven cloud platform to store inconsistent data on a regular basis. 
  • They needed a sophisticated IoT device connected with the advanced and flexible cloud platform system.  

Get ready for a talk about little cows. Following this Dutch way, TerraConnect, aligned with its associate partner Nuventure to tackle the challenge after having a conversation with the client. Over the coffee table we realized that the small grey water treatment plant had to deal with fluctuating grey water volumes across a period. This in-turn produced varying data, inefficiently processed and stored in their legacy cloud platform. Besides, since the AOP was not automated, manual dosing of neutralizers turned out to be inefficient. 

Fast forward to the solution, the timer is running, and we are running out of time. 

Nuventure’s Ultra-Modern Cloud Platform+ TerraConnect’s Terra M= A Memorable Dutch Vacation  

One day at a time, we started building a sophisticated Cloud Platform for managing the huge influx of data from our multisensory water quality measuring device, Terra M. Our cloud services included: 

  • Micro-structure architecture for robust performance 
  • Real-time monitoring of data for data-driven decisions 
  • Huge data storage facility with wide integration points 
  • Easy to integrate API Cloud Service 
  • Uncompromising security assurance because Nuventure, your trusted IoT solutions partner is officially certified with ISO 27001:2002 and SOC 2 recognitions.  

A half-baked solution is equivalent to no solution. Saying so, an efficient cloud platform is ready to use. But without an equally proficient IoT device to manage the AOP process and to bridge the platform, the whole task becomes a Sisyphean labor- roll the boulder up the steep hill only to push it down. Therefore, we devised a proficient strategy for designing an IoT device from scratch. Terra M, our cost-efficient controller facilitated seamless integration with Nuventure’s Cloud platform. How did this AI-enhanced collaboration save our client’s day? 

  • Sensor Integration: The sensors of Terra M are integrated with the platform to continuously monitor real-time DO levels, temperature, pH, and other relevant parameters throughout the treatment process.  
  • Historical Data Collection: Gather historical data sets that include DO measurements, BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) values, and pathogen counts. 
  • AI Model Training: Nuventure’s skilled developers built an AI algorithm model on the historical data sets. The model will learn to correlate DO levels with BOD and pathogen activity. 
  • Real-time Analysis and Prediction: The trained AI model will analyze the real-time sensor data and predict potential future DO levels based on the system’s dynamics. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in place, our client need not worry about hurdles during unpredicted inflow of guests. 
  • Predictive Pathogen Monitoring: By correlating predicted DO changes with historical BOD and pathogen data, the AI can infer potential increases in pathogen activity based on significant drops in DO. 
  • Real-time Alerts and Optimization: The AI will provide real-time alerts for potential spikes in pathogen activity based on predicted DO decline, allowing for prompt intervention by campsite operators. Additionally, the AI can recommend adjustments to treatment parameters like filtration or disinfection intensity based on predicted DO changes. This can optimize resource use and ensure efficient treatment. 

To fall with your nose in the butter- for the Dutch, it means an unexpected, good thing. They asked for a robust water treatment controller and TerraConnect gave them a holistic water treatment solution- from Terra M for remote monitoring and automatic dosing to the cloud platform for effortless data management. The client definitely fell face-first into the butter.   

And Hurray! Our solution proved to be a saviour for our client who witnessed a big increase in the number of guests the next tourist season. TerraConnect is called the global IoT solutions partner for a reason. Here is how our solution benefitted our client: 

  • Improved Pathogen Reduction: Real-time monitoring and AI-powered prediction enhance the system’s ability to identify and address potential pathogen growth. 
  • Optimized Resource Use: The AI can recommend adjustments to treatment intensity, minimizing unnecessary use of filtration or disinfection chemicals. 
  • Enhanced System Performance: Continuous monitoring and AI-based optimization led to a more stable and efficient treatment process. 
  • Data-driven Decision Making: The AI provides valuable insights into system dynamics, allowing campsite operators to make informed decisions for long-term sustainability. 

Looking for an advanced AI-IoT solution for your water-tech industry. TerraConnect’s comprehensive approach to confronting challenges guaranty prefect solutions leaving no gaps for flaws. Besides, Nuventure’s expertise in serving sophisticated cloud services, an icing on the cake you will not regret choosing. Connect with us.