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Terra M: An Ultramodern Manifestation of IoT-Enhanced Water Treatment 

Scene 1:  Life is better by the poolside for many, especially during family vacations. A sense of contentment to see your customers having moments at your hotel.

Stretching arms wide against the gentle strokes of water or floating across the pool in a buoy, cool as a cucumber. While making memories, you hear a toddler screaming on top of his voice. Rashes, red and purple. The dad looks agitated. In the twinkling of an eye, the tables turned. Your UV disinfection system was incompetent. You are now hammering out the situation with the dad. Draining the pool out and then refilling it with fresh water is an extravagance, rather than a social crime. With the huge inflow of tourists during the vacation period, poor pool management poses a high risk of microbial infections and beware of the huge costs that follow! 

Scene 1, retake: 

Life is better by the poolside for many, especially during family vacations. A sense of contentment to see your customers having moments at your hotel. Stretching arms wide against the gentle strokes of water or floating across the pool in a buoy, cool as a cucumber. Along with your guests, your tech-savvy self is making memories too. With sophisticated IoT-enabled sensors to notify fluctuating parameter changes and with AI-supported predictive maintenance system to take preventive measures, you are also cool as a cucumber, vacationing while working. 

This is not the script for a hotel advertisement, but the pre- and post-experiences of our client, specialized in pool installation and maintenance for hotel chains. Our cost-effective IoT controllerTerra M had not just saved the day of our client but also huge possible expenses.  

When our client, experts in commercial pool installation, and hospitality pool maintenance and services, approached us with the challenge of water treatment, we bounced upon the opportunity. After all, TerraConnect is a pioneer in providing world class, innovative, IoT controllers with features catering to different water tech solutions. TerraConnect was asked to deal with the UV disinfection systems, swimming pools and spa of one of its branches. But we knew we were reaching only the tip of the iceberg and the bigger challenge lay within. Without second thoughts TerraConnect decided to fight an uphill battle by diving down the rabbit hole, yes, to analyze the channels of the UV system.

How Terra M Helped Our Client Take a Breather

Upon analyzing the approach of our client towards the UV disinfection system, TerraConnect came up with the following conclusions: 

  • The client had multiple sources for water refilling in swimming pools: mains, borehole and rainwater harvesting system. 
  • The client switches among the sources based on water requirement and availability.  
  • Water from the borehole is not adequately treated to remove the hardness. 

The varying mineral constitution of the unfiltered water flowing through the UV disinfection system kept on depositing minerals over the quartz sleeve. The victimized UV treatment system poured out water below par in quality. Dogged by bad luck, the vacation time witnessed a huge inflow of guests at the hotel.  The UV disinfection system, that was installed to reduce chlorine dosing by 50%, suddenly turned out to be all bark and no bite. As a result, chlorine dosing levels require frequent adjustment and calibration. The current chlorine dosing system lacks a feedback loop. This means it doesn’t have a pH or ORP probe to provide real-time insights, necessitating manual adjustments. Frequent free chlorine measurements are also crucial to maintain proper pool chemistry within regulations. During the peak hours, these manual adjustments and measurements prove challenging for the hotel staff. If the chlorine or pH levels fall outside the safe range, the pool must close for maintenance, leading to unhappy guests (which has occurred a few times during peak hours). Our intelligent IoT controller, Terra M, offered the sought-out solution.Terra M includes three analog sensor inputs and two digital probe inputs for comprehensive monitoring. Additionally, its two relays enable seamless integration with pumps, valves, filtration systems, and dosing systems. 

Terra M facilitates in-line monitoring capabilities with sensors continuously monitoring the fluctuating pH, TDS, and free chlorine levels. The real-time data collected is then analyzed by our unique AI algorithm, which considers water quality. Any abnormalities detected trigger notifications to the operator, alerting them to potential maintenance needs for the UV lamp. Thus,Terra M rules out the need for scheduled maintenance of UV lamps that often leads to early replacement of a healthy UV lamp. Yes, no more wasted lamp life. There’s more to Terra M. The benefits snowball to a pocket full of savings. For now, here is a list of tech benefits.  

  • Terra M allows for remote adjustments ensuring optimal performance of the UV plant. Yes, you can now monitor the system from anywhere, we said REMOTE. 
  • Our advanced IoT dashboard and user-friendly mobile app helps you monitor the health of the UV lamp, energy consumption and water quality, at your fingertips 
  • Real-time data leads to on-time remedial measures and full-time surveillance 

Now, presenting the significant feature of Terra M for the catch-22 situation. Predictive maintenance with automated dosing systems: 

Detection of abnormal parameter readings triggers the AI algorithm to activate the dosing pumps to release neutralizers, thus actively maintaining the parameters of the water as demanded. Thus, even the smallest of anomalies are detected and treated, before the situation aggravates huge repair costs. Terra M does offer the overworked UV lamp its shoulder to cry on.  

  • Reduced wastage of lamp life 
  • Boosted productivity of the filtration system 
  • Energy efficient system after systematic monitoring 
  • Reduced maintenance costs  
  • Minimal overhaul repair costs 

We recommend a scientific calculator to determine your profit. 

Why You Cannot Avoid Installing Terra M at Your Water Treatment Plant 

  • Hassle-free installation saving time and effort 
  • Improved efficiency with reduced energy wastage 
  • Dual dosing pumps with monitoring capability 
  • Cost-efficient replacement for expensive PLCs 

Our AI-enhanced IoT controller Terra M offers timely data, updates, notifications and solutions to our client, anywhere and anytime. A stitch in time not just saves nine, but lots of costs, time and effort, and of course your skin from rashes. So, adopting TerraConnect’s state-of-the-art water treatment solution Terra M, is a choice that takes the cake.  

Thinking of budget friendly water treatment solutions? TerraConnect, your trusted global IoT solutions partner is just a click away. We believe in the boundless potential of connections: both of IoT and of humans. So, Connect with us.