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Building the City of Your Dreams: How Efficient are IoT-based Urban Infrastructure Solutions? 

Smart water conservation with sensors to detect leakages and contaminants, IoT-enhanced monitoring system for the surveillance of critical infrastructure like bridges, railways and roads, automated traffic control system and above all, sophisticated sensors to assess air quality index and pollution. These are not new-age substitutes for Thomas Moore’s fictional utopian society, but IoT-enhanced infrastructure’s latest reality. To reinvent the concept of utopian society by integrating IoT’s advanced technology with the urban infrastructure is innovative. With the worldwide population explosion, UN reports predict accelerated migration towards urban areas soon. How can the limited resources and urban infrastructure cater to the growing needs of the multiplying population? If your mind whispered “efficient management”, then we think alike. TerraConnect, a pioneer in providing efficient IoT solutions, ventures to plan efficient management strategies for optimum utilization of urban infrastructure, leveraging the power of IoT and its capabilities.  

How Should IoT Fit in With the Urban Infrastructure? 

  • Optimum utilization of water resources: 

Experts foresee a third world war which would not be for colonization, but for the elixir of life: water. Access to pure water is a basic human right and one among the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals of UNO. However, safe water is only a dream to many of the developing nations. Water-tech companies need to bend over backwards to treat water. However, introducing IoT-enhanced infrastructure for water treatment systems can create wonders. TerraConnect’s comprehensive suite of products is designed to empower water treatment companies of all sizes.  They not only help in the automation of remote monitoring of the processes at the water treatment plant, but also help in reducing manual intervention at every stage. Our products measure the pre-defined parameters, automate dosage of chemicals for treatment of water, regulate processes, presents real time data, produce data patterns and analysis based on required inputs, and the list goes on. Afterall, to restore the qualities of this precious resource is the responsibility of every eco-conscious mind.  

Meet our first product, TerraX. It is an all-in-one controlling hub. This app-based facility is tailored for small and medium-sized treatment facilities. With TerraX, you can now sit at home, automate operations and streamline workflows. Yes, our controller will get your real-time parameter updates, and alerts in case of emergencies. 

TerraRM: We have room for larger water treatment plants too. But such industries fear large installation costs. So, we have customized, cost-effective water treatment facilitators that would demand minimal infrastructure changes. 

  • Infrastructure maintenance:  

Imagine public infrastructure being under surveillance. IoT sensors can detect even the smallest wear and tear in the roads, bridges and pipelines, sending alerts to the specific authorities during abnormalities. By detecting the smallest of leaks or damage in the initial stage, IoT-system helps prevent major mishaps. Besides, one of the specialized features of IoT devices is predictive maintenance. The data collected from the machinery is analyzed to predict the need for repair. This pro-active methodology can reduce downtime and save costs related to high maintenance.   If all the streetlights and public electrical appliances are integrated with IoT-enhanced infrastructure, operators can gain real time insights on energy consumption. This data can help channelize energy and detect opportunities for energy consumption. Let us consider that the IoT-enhanced infrastructure is set to detect casualties on road to send emergency alerts to the nearest medical aid. Yes, IoT can save lives!  

Talking about maintenance, our product TerraS specifically caters to the maintenance of small water deployments in urban set up, like swimming pools. It is a salt-chlorination based water treatment system that automatically functions based on the fluctuation of ORP levels in the water. Thus, this cost-effective system aims purification of small water deployments like swimming pools. 

  • Traffic regulation: 

IoT-network facilitated traffic control can give error-free, real-time information on road conditions, traffic density in routes and even suggest the best route for you (like Google Maps). Be it an interview or doctor’s appointment, you can never miss your boat again. IoT can detect traffic rule violations and alert cops in case of necessities. Besides, the traffic signal time regulations and redirection of the traffic in case of accidents and casualties will be more proficient as data is processed by the IoT devices in real-time with minimal human intervention.  

  • Minimize environmental damage: 

The sophisticated sensors of IoT devices can quickly detect pollutants and raise notifications on air quality indexes. The sources of specific pollutants like Ozone, Nitrogen oxides, Sulphur oxides are detected in early stage for early intervention. This is called targeted intervention. Similar methodology could be adopted for conserving water resources to simplify public water distribution services. Water quality, leakage and usage can be monitored for proficient distribution.  

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink? Not again. TerraM, our RO-plant specific water treatment controller facilitates automatic chemical dosage property to purify water in RO plants. You can now regulate and monitor parameters like temperature, ORP, TDS and pH at the comfort of your home and get guaranteed safe water for drinking purposes. 

The environmental and health hazards caused by improper waste management can also be regulated using IoT. The sensors can notify filling of waste pits for timely removal of waste. This can channelize waste collection routes for sanitation workers and prevent waste overflow. The impact of waste spillage and improper disposal on human health is huge. The regulation of waste management can also save costs as unnecessary transportation by sanitation workers is rooted out.  

TerraConnect’s Expertise in Establishing IoT-enhanced Urban Infrastructure: 

TerraConnect is one of the pioneers in providing state-of-art IoT solutions across industries. Our proficiency in precision technology facilitates targeted solutions, efficiently reducing costs and unwanted technical facilities. Besides, our magnum opus assignment of exporting 250+ controllers to Europe is commended by our fully satisfied clients. Being one of the top IoT solution providers, we are bound to create benchmark projects wherever we pitch, so don’t expect less than the best from us (You also deserve nothing less than the best). For example, our sophisticated dashboard TerraWave allows easy integration of any TerraConnect controllers and even a foreign controller through customized gateways. You can analyze data patterns, draw filtered data, store data and thus ensure your legal and regulatory compliance. 

 From IoT design and hardware to IoT consultation, our services are now provided to the following industries: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Water Treatment 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Transportation and Infrastructure 
  • Construction 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Renewable Energy Sector 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Chemical and Petrochemical 

Explore our extensive IoT possibilities to reinvent your industry processes.