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Ways in which AI in IoT can Transform Your Business 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are the two technologies that transform industrial landscapes. By combining the potential of IoT with the data analytics capability of AI, industries are channelizing the business insights to progressive and profitable dimensions

When IoT helps in connecting devices using smart sensors to generate data, AI helps to utilize this data to produce applicable insights. The vast amount of data generated is used to detect operational patterns and predict upcoming maintenances. TerraConnect, a global IoT solutions partner, acknowledges the boosting potential of AI and IoT, and takes advantage of their combination to serve best to our clients. Read below to learn how proficient we are in AI and IoT technologies. 

AI: A Perk to IoT-Enhanced Infrastructure 

Can IoT work without AI? Yes, IoT as a technology can work without the support of AI. IoT infrastructure is self-sufficient to collect and transmit data. However, it is only with AI that IoT can exhibit its vast potential. AI is necessary to perform significant digital operations like data analytics, automation of process and for remote access. Listed below are some of the ways AI supports IoT-enabled facilities. 

Optimization of Resources: 

 It is only when IoT integrates with AI, can the data transmitted from the IoT sensors be utilized for analytics, to determine reallocation of resources if necessary. For example, in IoT facilitated irrigation systems, AI can detect the reduced water content in soil from the data generated by IoT sensors installed in the farm and can initiate process for increasing moisture content by coordinating irrigation process with the water-sprinklers. Therefore, by supplying water only to the targeted point, AI helps in efficient optimization of water resource.  

Data-driven decision making:  

Since IoT is a connection of multiple devices, huge amounts of data are transmitted between them. The algorithm-based AI facilitates real-time data analysis, helping the operator make timely decisions about maintenance and other emergencies. Thus, AI integration with IoT devices smoothens the procedures for the operators, who can concentrate on other business goals. Timely-decision making feature is essential for industries like healthcare, agriculture and energy-based industries, to tackle irretrievable losses.  

Detection of abnormalities and divergences: 

Collaborating AI functionality with IoT infrastructure facilitates predictive maintenance by which signs of damage of leaks in machinery can be detected at an early stage for safe and speedy remedy. This can save the operator from huge expenses and safeguard the lives of employees working in hazardous situations. Detection of anomalies at an early stage reduces downtime related to maintenance and enhances the lifespan of the machinery.  

Improve security protocols: 

The proficient security features accompanied by AI helps in the surveillance of cyber security breaches in real time, effectively mitigating data attacks. Besides, AI powered video facility also helps in the monitoring of physical attacks on industrial infrastructure. The algorithm of AI is also capable of analyzing network traffic to detect possible data security attacks in real time. Thus, an AI integrated IoT facility ensures double security standards against cyber threats. 

Increased potential for business profit: 

Since AI empowered IoT infrastructure provides real time data analytics and monitors procedures with minimal manual intervention, there is a vast reduction in wastage of resources and time of production. This increases the production capacity of a neatly regulated industrial plant in a manufacturing unit, thus improving the chances of profit making in the end. 

Better and personalized customer experience: 

When IoT devices records customer preferences, AI analyzes the data and helps create customized products and services based on the customer preferences and behaviour.  Such smart IoT devices are also capable of suggesting solutions based on already recorded customer preferences. This feature would be ideal in a personalized small enterprise like smart homes and smart pools, where limited customer preferences are recorded. Thus, auto stimulating responses based on customer preferences elevates customer experience to higher levels. 

Supply-chain optimization: 

In large scale manufacturing industries, AI-integrated IoT devices can help in the tracking of inventory levels, shipments, and delivery routes. At every step from the manufacturer to the customer, the issues pertaining to logistics, delivery and quality of the finished product are monitored for improved customer satisfaction and error-free transactions. Besides, the real-time analysis provides data on potential delays on the route to delivery and therefore boosts customer satisfaction. 

How can TerraConnect Guarantee Efficient AI integrated IoT Solutions? 

Though AI embraced IoT solutions are exceptional in terms of performance, there are many challenges in enabling AI-integrated IoT solutions. Some of them are: 

  • Increased susceptibility to cyber-threats and data privacy 
  • Interoperability issues due to lack of standardized protocols for integration 
  • Complicated models of AI 

TerraConnect’s legacy of serving intelligent IoT solutions has been a game-changer for the clients. We rely on data-driven insights produced by our AI-integrated IoT infrastructure. Our unique and tailor-made solutions are highly secure as we follow strict cyber-security protocols to protect clients’ data. Since we associate with Nuventure Connect, which is an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified organization that strictly adheres to GDPR rules, we guarantee secure IoT solutions. Therefore, if you are looking for smart IoT solutions to empower your industry, connect with TerraConnect.