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How IoT Predictive Maintenance Elevates Industrial Output: A Strategic Approach to Discover the Potential of IoT Data 

Your water tech infrastructure collapsed overnight due to unidentified corrosion of critical machinery. Water, being the raw material used in multiple industries, halted many day-to-day affairs.

Focusing on your loss alone, from huge monetary expenses related to repair to the compensation you pay your customers, you will end up burning candles at both ends. Suppose you had the opportunity to travel back in time. The one solution you will opt for is IoT-enabled infrastructure at your company. Its sophisticated data processing capability is equipped with specialised feature called predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance uses data analysis to identify potential machinery defects and operational anomalies, thus enabling timely repairs and significant savings of cost and time. TerraConnect, a global IoT solutions partner, has proven proficiency in this cutting-edge technology. Combining the superpowers of AI and IoT, TerraConnect’s solutions are representations of creative innovation. TerraConnect explains how predictive maintenance leverages the power of IoT. 

How is Predictive Maintenance a Boon for the Industries? 

  • Lowers monetary and causality risk:  

Unanticipated failure of machinery not only leads to significant monetary losses, but also poses a risk of physical hazard, especially in industries dealing with harmful chemicals. IoT-facilitated predictive models can foretell the maintenance requirement of equipment. These models consider asset health, data patterns from the asset, environmental conditions within and outside the industrial set up and operational scenario to provide accurate data. Thus, huge monetary losses attached to the repair of machinery can be navigated with the help of predictive maintenance facility. 

TerraConnect’s IoT-based irrigation solutions showcase our innovative strategies to overcome challenges in agriculture, especially in unpredictable weather conditions. Our reliance on data-driven insights has equipped farmers with accurate weather-related forecasts for taking informed decisions. Besides, the predictive maintenance feature of our IoT infrastructure has revolutionized farming by notifying the performance of the irrigation assets in real-time basis. Any error in the precision agriculture-technique or other IoT hardware will be alerted to the operator, thus optimizing irrigation for best solutions. Therefore, TerraConnect, one the most trusted IoT partners, has made a mark in seamlessly integrating technology with agriculture for a profit-oriented harvest. 

  • Enhanced machine performance: 

The data-driven technology of IoT helps derive precise data in real-time. The vast amount of data generated from multiple connected devices is processed leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms to generate impulsive responses when it comes to poor machine performance. Making informed decisions even before a mishap can significantly improve the performance of the machinery.  

TerraConnect is a pioneer in providing IoT-based water treatment solutions. Meet TerraX, our all-in-one industrial controller specifically tailored for small and medium-sized treatment facilities. This workhorse automates operations, streamlining processes and reducing reliance on manual intervention. Above all, the collaborated technology of AI and IoT helps in smooth data analysis. The real-time streaming of data thus exhibits the properties of prediction. TerraX’s capability to monitor fluctuations in parameters like ORP, TDS, temperature and pH and its sophisticated sensor’s wide-ranging compatibility with 4-20mA analog to assess the changes in the water flow can indicate changes in the infrastructure too. Any alterations in the default range of values indicate extra caution from the operator to check the water quality and infrastructure deficiencies.  

  • Boost productivity: 

Early detection of anomalies can fuel effective management strategies to implement planned production. By maximizing resource utilization and reducing zero-operation time, the impact done by the maintenance activity on the overall output of the industry can be reduced. Besides, by rooting out abnormalities in the initial stage, there can be a significant reduction in downtime.  

Besides agriculture and water treatment industries, TerraConnect also serve state-of-the-art IoT solutions to the following industries: 

  • Oil and Gas Industry 
  • Transportation and Infrastructure 
  • Construction 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Renewable Energy Sector 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Chemical and Petrochemical 

Here are a few technologies that aids to predictive maintenance capacity of IoT: 

  • Edge Computing: 

Edge computing is the display and management of digital data. This decentralized technique ensures that the computation and data come closer to the location where it is needed. The proximity of the processor to the IoT device, especially in Industrial IoT, ensures proficient results and successful data management. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): 

AI-integrated maintenance systems facilitate smooth automation of procedures. Not only does it guarantee accuracy in the real-time data processing, but also ensures tactful remedies in case of emergencies, based on the AI algorithms set. 

  • Digital Twins: 

Digital twins act like a virtual replica of real-world entities or processes. They are mostly used in monitoring and predicting the performance of the physical device in many applications. Being a hard-core IoT application in industries, they are not mere replicas of the physical assets, but IoT sensored-devices used for predictive analysis of real-world objects in real-time. 

 TerraConnect’s expertise in crafting tailored solutions by collaborating with the most appropriate technology makes it one of the top IoT solutions providers. Our passion for spreading the vast potential of IoT across industries is expressed by providing the best: 

  • IoT designs 
  • IoT Solutions 
  • IoT Hardware and Devices 
  • IoT Software 
  • IoT Consulting and Strategy 

Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted IoT partner with sophisticated solutions, one who can predict the health of your industrial assets, book an appointment with us now.